No one deserves to be bullied or a victim.  Shorei Goju Ryu Karate has its roots in Okinawa, a small island near China and Japan.  Over Okinawa's history, they were invaded and occupied by China and then later by Japan.  All weapons were banned to suppress uprisings.  The people trained in the art of empty hand self defense as a way to keep their dignity and protect their families.

My goal is to empower adults, children, seniors, males and females to have self confidence and not be victimized by anyone.  Self defense offers tools to take your power back and ultimately avoid situations of being preyed upon all together.  

We offer self defense seminars for women or children and ongoing training through the ranks to Black Belt.

Contact us for group classes for your organization or to set up private instruction.  

Female instruction for women's self defense seminar is available.