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Karate has a long and fascinating history.  Karate has its origins from a man named Bhodidharma from India visited China in 520 A.D. He was granted permission to visit the Shaolin Szu Temple.  There he taught the monks that true enlightenment comes from having body mind and spirit all healthy and in balance.  He taught the Monks a series of combat exercises that became the beginnings of Shaolin Kung Fu.  Karate originally translated to China Hand.  The monks expanded on Bhodidharma's teachings and the exercises spread across China to other lands, including Okinawa.  In 1477, the Sho dynasty of Okinawa took away all weapons from the people in the hopes of stopping any uprising.  Unarmed fighting became popular.  In 1609, Japan took control of Okinawa and the weapons ban was renewed and Karate had to be taught in secret.

With several countries studying similar martial arts styles, the translation of Karate was changed to Empty Hand.  Karate was introduced to American soldiers and they brought back this exotic fighting style to the States after World War II.  Many styles of karate were developed.

Our style is Shorei Goju Ryu which translates as "Graceful and Beautiful, the hard soft way", is a blending of of several karate styles traced all the way back to Okinawa.