Sparring is a fun and safe way to improve your skill with a partner. Sparring gear is required to participate in the sparring portion of class. This basic bundle will save you money and ensure you have all required items to be able to participate. Boys will be required to wear a protective cup (SOLD SEPARATELY).

Bundle Specifics:
Price:$ 155.95

PictureProduct Description
Student Hi-Top Boots-1123

  • Offers full coverage for your foot and ankle
  • Includes hook-and-loop closure on an elastic crisscross strep
  • Composed of 0.625” dipped foam

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    Student Full-Face Headgear with Face Shield-11427

  • Great for full head and face coverage during sparring

    Includes a clear removable face shield
  • Features 2" wide hook-and-loop strap closure on the back
  • Pressure release outlets at the ears
  • Composed of 0.875 dipped foam
    Sold as set only

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    Student Gloves-1153

  • Contoured to fit the hand with hook-and-loop closure straps
  • Composed of 0.625” dipped foam

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    Mesh Tote Bag-2008

  • Perfect to use inside large sport bags to separate wet or damp gear

    Century® Mouthguard System-1458

    Complete single mouthguard system includes two single clear mouthpieces and a carrying case.

    Sizes: Youth; Adult

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